How to use inshot App default videos for Editing?

In the world of video editing, creativity knows no bounds. The InShot app has become synonymous with empowering users to transform their visual narratives with ease. Beyond its traditional features, did you know that InShot comes equipped with a library of default videos waiting to be explored? In this blog post, we’ll delve into the exciting realm of using InShot App’s default videos for editing and how they can elevate your creative projects.

Exploring InShot’s Default Videos:

InShot App goes beyond the ordinary by providing users with a collection of default videos that serve as a canvas for your creative endeavors. These videos span a variety of genres and styles, offering a diverse range of content to suit your storytelling needs.

Step 1: Open InShot App:

Begin by launching the InShot app on your mobile device. If you don’t have the app installed, download it from the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play Store (for Android).

Step 2: Choose ‘Create New’:

Tap on the ‘+’ or ‘Create New’ button to start a new project within the InShot app.

Step 3: Select ‘Default Video’:

Within the project creation options, look for the ‘Default Video’ category. InShot typically categorizes these videos based on themes, styles, or moods.

Step 4: Browse and Choose:

Explore the available default videos in the library. InShot often includes a variety of options, such as scenic landscapes, dynamic action shots, or stylized visuals. Choose a default video that resonates with the mood or theme you have in mind for your project.

Step 5: Edit and Customize:

Once you’ve selected a default video, the real magic begins. InShot provides a plethora of editing tools, allowing you to trim, cut, and merge clips seamlessly. Experiment with the app’s filters, effects, and music options to tailor the default video to your creative vision.

Step 6: Add Personal Touch:

InShot allows you to overlay text, stickers, and even your own media on top of the default video. This is your opportunity to add a personal touch and make the content uniquely yours.

Step 7: Export and Share:

After perfecting your masterpiece, export the edited video and share it with the world. InShot simplifies the sharing process, allowing you to post directly to social media platforms or save the video to your device.

Benefits of Using Default Videos:

  • Inspiration at Your Fingertips: Jumpstart your creativity with professionally shot default videos that serve as a foundation for your projects.
  • Time-Saving: Skip the filming process and dive straight into editing with ready-made default videos, saving you time and effort.
  • Diverse Themes: InShot’s diverse library ensures that you can find default videos to match any theme or mood you have in mind.


By harnessing the power of InShot App’s default videos, you unlock a treasure trove of creative possibilities. Whether you’re a novice exploring the world of video editing or an experienced content creator looking for inspiration, InShot’s default videos provide a springboard for your imagination. Download the app, explore the library, and let the editing journey begin with the tap of a finger. Your next visual masterpiece awaits!